zeller anti-hay fever

zeller anti-hay fever

zeller anti-hay fever

This is an authorised medicinal product. Read the patient information leaflet.

swissmedic_D.png Authorisation: 66889

Product information

Adults and adolescents from 12 years of age

  • Twice a day one film coated tablet
  • In cases of high pollen exposure the dosage may be increased to 3 times 1 film coated tablet per day if needed
  • The film coated tablet should be swallowed unchewed with some water
  • The tablet intake does not depend on day-time or meals


Package sizes:

  • 20 film coated tablets
  • 60 film coated tablets

One film coated tablet contains a carbon dioxide-extract made from Petasites hybridus leaves (Ze 339), corresponding to 8 mg of petasins.

Available in pharmacies and chemists without prescription.

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