Why choose Zeller products?

These days, healthcare products containing herbal ingredients are not only available from pharmacies and chemists but also from supermarkets. There is a large variety of different products available – but unfortunately, they also vary greatly in terms of quality.

Five reasons why Zeller medications should be at the top of your list.

Pflanzliche-Wirkstoffe.jpg Pflanzliche-Wirkstoffe.jpg

Plant-based active ingredients

Natural active ingredients are usually well-tolerated, yet they still deliver very effective results. Only plants of the highest quality are used in the production of Zeller’s herbal medicines.

Wissenschaftliche-Dokumentation.jpg Wissenschaftliche-Dokumentation.jpg

Scientific documentation

The effectiveness and safety of our medicinal products have been scientifically documented and proven multiple times in controlled clinical trials.

So they deliver actual results, not just placebo effects.

Nachaltiger-Pflanzenanbau.jpg Nachaltiger-Pflanzenanbau.jpg

Sustainable farming

The cultivation of our raw materials is subject to strict quality standards. We monitor every aspect that can have an impact on quality, such as the seeds and fertilisation methods, as well as the harvesting time and technique. We avoid using synthetic pesticides wherever possible.

Our seamless documentation means that our raw plant materials can be traced all the way back to the field.

Eigene-Forschung-und-Entwicklung.jpg Eigene-Forschung-und-Entwicklung.jpg

In-house research and development

Every year Zeller invests around 15 per cent of its profits in research, development and quality control measures in order to develop new plant-based medicines and guarantee the quality, clinical effectiveness and safety of our products.

Zeller-Romanshorn.jpg Zeller-Romanshorn.jpg

Swiss family business

Zeller is one of the most traditional pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland and has been family-owned for five generations. The family’s commitment to Switzerland has never wavered. The head office is still located in Romanshorn in the canton of Thurgau, just as it was when the company was founded in 1864.