zeller balsam, flüssig

zeller balsam, flüssig

zeller balsam, flüssig

zeller balsam – Since 1864, a proven remedy for stomach and intestinal problems, such as bloating, stomach cramps and belching.


This is an authorised herbal drug. Please read the leaflet.

swissmedic_D.png Authorisation: 10523

Product information


  • in digestive troubles such as the feeling of fullness after eating
  • belching
  • stomach cramps
  • loss of appetite
  • In digestive troubles that occur as a result of eating irregularly and too quickly
  • unfamiliar diet when away on travel as well as foreign eating habits


  • As mouthwash and gargle during colds

Adults and adolescents: 12 years and older


  • take 1 mass pipette (= 3 ml) up to 3 times a daily before or after eating.

For use as gargle:

  • 1-2 mass pipette full in a half a glass of warm water


Package sizes:

  • 100 ml bottles
  • 200 ml bottles


1 ml contains liquid extracts from:

  • 7 mg yarrow herb
  • 0.7 mg wormwood
  • 11 mg corn poppy blossoms
  • 14.3 mg guaiacum wood
  • 9.5 mg potentilla erecta (tormentil) root
  • 3.8 mg cinnamon bark
  • 4.8 mg benzoin resin
  • 2.4 mg myrrh
  • 0.3 mg tolu balsam
  • 0.9 mg frankincense resin


zeller balm, liquid is also:

  • Lactose-free
  • Suitable for diabetics

Available in pharmacies and chemists without prescription.

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