zeller balsam flüssig

zeller balsam flüssig

zeller balsam flüssig

zeller balsam flüssig is a herbal medicine containing yarrow herb, wormwood herb, corn poppy flowers, guaiac wood, tormentil root, cinnamon bark, benzoin resin, myrrh, tolu balsam and frankincense resin.

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Available without prescription in pharmacies and chemists.

This is an authorised medicinal product. Read the patient information leaflet.

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Extracts of various plants such as yarrow, wormwood and corn poppy flowers are said to have anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic and digestive properties.

Indigestion can cause unpleasant symptoms such as stomach pain, nausea, heartburn and diarrhoea. They often occur after eating and can be triggered by various factors such as an unbalanced diet, stress or certain foods. Healthy digestion is important for well-being and the absorption of nutrients.

Product information

zeller balsam flüssig is used for:

  • Digestive complaints such as a feeling of fullness after eating, belching, stomach cramps, loss of appetite
  • Digestive problems that occur as a result of modern lifestyles, such as irregular and hasty eating, unfamiliar food when travelling and foreign eating habits
  • As mouthwash and gargle for colds (cough, catarrh)

Adults and youths 12 and over:

  • Internal: one full pipette (equivalent to 3 ml) up to 3 times a day
  • External: for gargling, 1-2 full pipettes in half a glass of warm water


Package sizes:

  • 100 ml
  • 200 ml

1 ml contains the active ingredient fluid extracts of:

  • 7 mg yarrow herb (Millefolii herba)
  • 0.7 mg wormwood herb (Absinthii herba)
  • 11 mg corn poppy flowers (Papaveris rhoeados flos)
  • 14.3 mg guaiac wood (Guaiaci lignum)
  • 9.5 mg tormentil root (Tormentillae rhizoma)
  • 3.8 mg cinnamon bark (Cinnamomi cortex)
  • 4.8 mg benzoin resin (Benzoe tonkinensis)
  • 2.4 mg myrrh (Myrrha)
  • 0.3 mg tolu balsam (Balsamum tolutanum)
  • 0.9 mg frankincense resin (Olibanum indicum)


Alcohol content: 37 Vol.%

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