PROSPAN® Hustensaft

PROSPAN® Hustensaft

    PROSPAN® Hustensaft

    PROSPAN® Hustensaft is a herbal medicine with an extract of ivy leaves.

    • FROM AGE 2.
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    Nature offers various medicinal plants for chesty coughs. This includes ivy, for example, which has been known since ancient times. Ivy extract works in several ways to relieve a cough. Ivy has mucolytic and antispasmodic properties and is used when excessive formation of thick mucus develops in chesty coughs.

    In addition, it helps to soothe irritation in the respiratory tract, thus reducing the urge to cough and relaxing the bronchial tubes to ease breathing. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

    A chesty cough is a common symptom that occurs when you have an infection. It is a natural reflex of the body to clear the airways of mucus, foreign bodies or irritants. In addition to some tried and tested home remedies, help is on hand from nature in the form of cough syrup made from ivy extract to relieve chesty coughs.

    Product information

    PROSPAN® Hustensaft is used for:

    • Excessive formation of thick mucus, chesty coughs


    • Take 7.5 ml 3 times a day

    Children from 6 years and youths:

    • Take 5 ml 3 times a day

    Infants from 2 years:

    • Take 2.5 ml 3 times a day


    Package sizes:

    • 100 ml
    • 200 ml

    5 ml contain as active substance:

    • 35 mg dry extract EA575® from ivy leaves (Hederae helicis folium)
    Ivy (Hedera helix)
    Dictionary of medicinal plants


    for phlegmy coughs


    Colds and coughs

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