This is an authorised medicinal product.

swissmedic_D.png Authorisation: 03541, 03542, 03544, 03545, 03547, 03548

Product information

Adults: Take 2 capsules daily, whole with liquid. Morning/noon with food.
From age 12: 1 capsule daily.

Liquid tonic with alcohol:
Adults: 15 ml daily, preferably with breakfast.
Not suitable for children and adolescents. (contains 11.5 vol. % alcohol)

Liquid tonic with cherry flavour:
Adults: 15 ml daily, preferably with breakfast.
From age 12: 7.5 ml daily
Do not use for children under 12 years. (alcohol-free)


Package sizes:

  • Capsules: 30/100 pièces
  • Tonic liquide contenant de l’alcool: 250 ml et 2× 250 ml
  • Tonic liquide à l'arôme de cerise: 250 ml et 2× 250 ml

ginsana® contains the standardised ginseng extract G115® from the roots of Panax ginseng CA. Meyer.

1 capsule contains: 100 mg standardized G115® ginseng extract
15 ml liquid tonic containing: 140 mg standardised G115® ginseng extract

Available in pharmacies and chemists without prescription.